Roscón de reyes - recipe
(MS Word 20 KB)

added 10.1.17

What grandparents received for Reyes (text)
(MS Word 19 KB)

added 10.1.17

Do children receive too many presents for Reyes? (text)
(MS Word 18 KB)

added 10.1.17

Feliz Navidad bauble to decorate
(PDF 68 KB)

added 22.11.15

Count the shapes on the Christmas pictures
(PDF 48 KB)

added 22.11.15

Christmas Trapdoor activity
(PDF 196 KB)

added 22.11.15

Decorate the Christmas tree - reading activity
(PDF 290 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas counting game
(PDF 302 KB)

added 17.11.15

Feliz Navidad sign
(PDF 597 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas fortune teller for sentence building
(PDF 897 KB)

added 17.11.5

Christmas bookmarks (secular)
(PDF 384 KB)

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Christmas bookmarks (Christmas story)
(PDF 184 KB)

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Christmas doorhanger for colouring
(PDF 755 KB)

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Christmas squares puzzle
(PDF 313 KB)

(PDF 69 KB)

(PDF 337 KB)

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Feliz Navidad bunting
(PDF 276 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas word mat
(PDF 344 KB)

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Christmas colour matching, ideal for KS1
(PDF 693 KB)

added 05.12.14

Christmas minibook for gender and dictionary use
(PDF 21 KB)

added 05.12.14

Christmas words card sort
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Giant dominoes
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added 28.4.14

Jumbo Christmas wordsearch
(PDF 280 KB)

Christmas letter-fill
(PDF 27 KB)

Christmas Spiral
(PDF 145 KB)

Colorea los Reyes Magos
(PDF 1.4 MB)

Tarjeta de Navidad (2010)
(PDF 593 KB)

Navidad en España
a podcast by FLAs talking about Christmas celebrations in Spain
(MP3 2.3 MB)

Christmas mini-book 1
(PDF 172 KB)

Christmas mini-book 2
(PDF 221 KB)

Christmas mini-book 3
(PDF 187 KB)

How to make a mini-book

estrellas resources

Una tarjeta de Navidad - a Christmas card to make
(PDF 688 KB)
Belenes - pictures of the tradition of Belenes to put the Christmas card into context
(MS PowerPoint 1.24 MB)

Christmas dominoes
(MS Word 582 KB)

Durante las vacaciones de Navidad
(MS Word 29 KB)

Durante las vacaciones de Navidad
(MS PowerPoint 354 KB)

Nochevieja - New Year's Resolutions
(MS Word 31 KB)

Nochvieja - New Year's Resolutions
(MS PowerPoint 438 KB)

Los 12 días de Navidad
(MS PowerPoint 513 KB)

Christmas lesson
(MS PowerPoint 394 KB)

Empareja las palabras
(MS Word 402 KB)

Christmas colouring
(PDF 302 KB)

More Christmas colouring
(PDF 160 KB)

Making a Santa picture
Work out the sums, then cut out and stick the correctly numbered picture in that space (just make sure you print them out the same size!)
Number sheet
(JPEG 334 KB)

Picture sheet
(JPEG 671 KB)

Christmas food - a "Making a Christmas Menu" exercise
Designed for Primary / SEN
Christmas food words
(MS Word 19 KB)

Christmas food pictures
(JPEG 241 KB)

Christmas food pictures - answers
(JPEG 217 KB)

Navidades - special days over the Spanish festive period
(MS Word 49 KB)

Rin Rin - a dictionary exercise using the Christmas song
(PDF 299 KB)
Rin Rin - the answers
(PDF 290 KB)

Palabras Navideñas
(PDF 218 KB)

Palabras Navideñas - the answers
(PDF 250 KB)

Palabras Navideñas - how to use it
(MS Word 23 KB)

Navidad en México
(MS PowerPoint 834 KB)

Navidad en México
(MS Word 32 KB)

Christmas in Mexico
(MS Word 44 KB)

Feliz Navidad
(MS Word 120 KB)

La Navidad en mi casa
(MS Word 22 KB)

¿Existe Papá Noel?
(MS Word 23 KB)

Para colorear
(PDF 621 KB)

Un villancico
(MS Word 22 KB)

Christmas in Spain
(MS Word 57 KB)

Christmas Crossword
(MS Word 25 KB)

Christmas Wordsearch
(MS Word 22 KB)

Christmas Wordsearch II
(MS Word 24 KB)

La Navidad en España
(MS Word 115 KB)

La Navidad en España II
(MS Word 28 KB)

Navidad en Colombia y Uruguay
(MS Word 86 KB)

Christmas articles
(MS Word 48 KB)

Christmas anagrams
(MS Word 21 KB)