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House and Home
Body and Illness
Personal Description
Places in town / Directions
Family and animals
Daily routine



Parlez-vous français ?
(WMV 6.5 MB)

Notre vie à Sunderland
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Le français - Intercultural Understanding
(WMV 10.1 MB)

La sécurité routière
(WMV 5.2 MB)

A l'hôtel
(WMV 8.5 MB)

Les couleurs
(WMV 6.5 MB)

A la boulangerie
(WMV 5.5 MB)

Respecte la nature !
(WMV 7.5 MB)


House and Home

Odd houses
(MS PowerPoint 509 KB)

added 28.4.14

House picture
(JPG 243 KB)

Chez moi
(MS PowerPoint 646 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 1.9 MB)

Qu'est-ce que tu fais à la maison ?
(MS PowerPoint 531 MB)

Dans ma chambre
(MS PowerPoint 1.5 MB)

House and home
(MS PowerPoint 1 MB)


Body and illness

Body and illness
(MS PowerPoint 251 KB)

Body and illness Millionaire
(MS PowerPoint 381 KB)


Personal description

Describing hair and eyes and practising avoir
(MS PowerPoint 77 KB)

Personal description worksheets



Dans la classe - revises gender, plural and adjectival agreement
Multiple-choice slide-show
(MS PowerPoint 109 KB)
(MS PowerPoint 120 KB)

Dans mon sac j'ai...
(MS PowerPoint 340 KB)
and the worksheet to go with it
(MS Publisher 2.4 MB)

Teaching school vocabulary
(MS PowerPoint 1.6 MB)

School worksheets

School starters


Places in town / Directions

En ville
(MS PowerPoint 1.1 MB)

Asking the way and giving directions
(MS PowerPoint 1.5 MB)

Asking the way and giving directions
(MS PowerPoint 498 KB)

Places in town worksheets

Places in town starters


Family and animals

Les Aventures de Lune Landsard
1 - Ma famille et moi

Page 1
(JPG 682 KB)

Page 2
(JPG 646 KB)

(PDF 47 KB)

(PDF 107 KB)

2 - Un Triangle coloré
Page 1
(JPG 693 KB)

Page 2
(JPG 678 KB)

(PDF 46 KB)

(PDF 115 KB)

Les animaux
(MP3 1.5 MB)

Tapescript for above mp3
(MS Word 25 KB)

Les animaux worksheet - to use with mp3
(MS Word 110 KB)
C'est quel animal ? - animals and sounds
(MS PowerPoint 625 KB)

La famille Addams
(MS PowerPoint 644 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 613 KB)

Family and animals worksheets



Manger et boire (I)
(MS PowerPoint 820 KB)

Manger et boire (II)
(MS PowerPoint 751 KB)

Manger et boire (III) - opinions
(MS PowerPoint 1 MB)

Manger et boire (IV) - meals and the partitive article
(MS PowerPoint 384 KB)

added 28.4.14

Tasting brioche
(MS PowerPoint 230 KB)

Food and the partitive article
(MS PowerPoint 246 KB)

Monster sandwich - food and the partitive article
(MS PowerPoint 107 KB)

Food worksheets


Daily routine

Ma routine
(MS PowerPoint 273 KB)

Daily routine worksheets

Daily routine starters



Les métiers
(MS PowerPoint 397 KB)

added 25.4.14

L'argent de poche
(MS PowerPoint 719 KB)

added 25.4.14

High frequency word tests
(MS PowerPoint 279 KB)

added 15.4.14

Holiday activities and days of the week
(MS PowerPoint 79 KB)

added 15.4.14

Countries and their languages
(MS PowerPoint 2.9 MB)

added 15.4.14

Qu'est-ce qu'on pourrait faire?
(MS PowerPoint 3.8 MB)

Basic classroom language
(zipped folder 219 KB)

Weather phrases
(MS PowerPoint 1.4 MB)

Weather flashcards
(MS Word 1.35 MB)

(MS PowerPoint 359 KB)

Map of France and surrounding countries
(MS Publisher 124 KB)

Parlez-vous français ? - a movie showing French words that we use in English
(MS WMV 6.5 MB)

Bienvenue au centre de vacances
(MS PowerPoint 226 KB)

Madame Poule - a movie about greetings for Windows Media Player
(MS WMV 3.6 MB)

Accompanying comic
(PDF 268 KB)

Mes Vacances à Nice - a comic about a holiday in the Passé Composé
Page 1

(JPG 435 KB)

Page 2
(JPG 407 KB)

Page 3
(JPG 528 KB)

Page 4
(JPG 464 KB)

Une potion magique - A Halloween lesson using weights, measures and containers
(MS PowerPoint 234 KB)

Writing Levels 1-2
(MS PowerPoint 43 KB)

and the worksheet to go with it
(MS Word 82 KB)

National Curriculum Levels (Writing Level 4) Millionaire
(MS PowerPoint 273 KB)

National Curriculum Levels (Listening Level 4) Millionaire
(MS PowerPoint 293 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 253 KB)

Monsieur Grosgourmand
(MS PowerPoint 665 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 78 KB)


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