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Numbers to 20 bingo
(PDF 343 KB)

added 20.3.18

Colours bingo
(PDF 432 KB)

added 20.3.18

France Quest
(PDF 46 KB)

Belgium Quest
(PDF 47 KB)

Switzerland Quest
(PDF 46 KB)

added 1.9.17

How much does a word cost?
(PDF 25 KB)

added 1.9.17

People and their cats - logic puzzle
(PDF 81 KB)

added 30.4.17

Expressions with avoir
(PDF 192 KB)

added 28.4.15

Days of the week gridfill
(PDF 79 KB)

Months of the year gridfill
(PDF 77 KB)

Scrabble infini
(PDF 405 KB)

Numbers 10-60 wordsearch
(MS Word 29 KB)

Template for French game
(MS Publisher 47 KB)

French school game
(MS Publisher 441 KB)

Rules for the game
(MS Publisher 37 KB)

Food crosswords
(MS Word 45 KB)

Body and health crossword
(MS Word 36 KB)

Jobs wordsearch
(MS Word 39 KB)

Weather Crossword
(MS Word 29 KB)

Numbers Crossword
(MS Word 31 KB)

Sports wordsearch
(MS Word 24 KB)

Au Restaurant wordsearch
(MS Word 108 KB)

Clothes wordsearch
(MS Word 71 KB)

Les Sports
(PDF 9 KB)

Les Calculettes - jeu de logique
(PDF 36 KB)

Numbers 1-20 wordsearch
(PDF 151 KB)

Sudoku - definite articles
(PDF 18 KB)

Sudoku - countries
(PDF 113 KB)

Sudoku - numbers
(PDF 29 KB)

Sudoku - animals
(PDF 105 KB)

Sudoku - numbers (II)
(PDF 29 KB)

French Quiz
(MS Word 50 KB)

Parlez-vous franglais ?
(MS Word 56 KB)

Days of the week
(MS Word 36 KB)

Dans ma trousse
(MS Word 40 KB)

20 questions
(MS Word 24 KB)

Les Pays Francophones - find 15 Francophone countries in the wordsearch
(MS Word 42 KB)

List of words for Blockbusters - from Avantage 1.
(MS Word 46 KB)

Blockbusters board
(PDF 205 KB)

Alphabet puzzle
(MS Word 56 KB)

Numbers 1-20 - Crossword
(MS Word 25 KB)

Animals wordsearch
(PDF 84 KB)

Animals crossword
(PDF 60 KB)

Animals crossword (II)
(PDF 89 KB)

Au café crossword
(PDF 75 KB)

House and family crossword
(PDF 76 KB)

House wordsearch
(PDF 101 KB)

Jobs crossword - the jobs are in Avantage 1
(PDF 133 KB)

Numbers, days and months crossword
(PDF 82 KB)

Number puzzles
(PDF 271 KB)

Dans ma chambre crossword
(PDF 71 KB)

Dans ma chambre crossword (II)
(PDF 58 KB)

Les sports wordsearch
(PDF 126 KB)

French crosswords online

(MS Word 61 KB)

Les cadeaux
(MS Word 51 KB)

Au collège
(MS Word 234 KB)

House and home
(MS Word 63 KB)

(MS Word 25 KB)

(MS Word 26 KB)

Au restaurant
(MS Publisher 82 KB)


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