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Role Play


Ser (present) - Quizlet
Ser (present) matching
Estar (present) - Quizlet
Tener (present) - Quizlet
Ir (present) - Quizlet
Hacer (present) - Quizlet
Personal Pronouns - Quizlet

Gender and number masculine or feminine, singular or plural ? Fling the Teacher

Ser (future) matching
Ser (imperfect) matching
Ser (preterite) matching

Definite and indefinite articles Match with the nouns
Definite and indefinite articles Find the pairs

Ser (present/future/preterite/imperfect) Which card contains an error?
Ser (present/future/preterite/imperfect) Match the people and the verb forms
Ser (present/future/preterite/imperfect) Find the connections

Definite and indefinite articles Find the connections


Numbers 1-100

Match up the number words 0-10
Pelmanism numbers 0-10
Snap - 0-10

Los números 1 a 10
multiple choice game
Los números 1 a 10 Tetris
Los números 1 a 12 Memory game
Los números 1 a 6 Matching game
Los números 7 a 12 Matching game
Numbers 1-10 Quizlet
Numbers 1-20 Quizlet
Numbers 11-20 Quizlet

Find the connections - 0-10
Put the numbers in order - 0-10
¡Matemáticas! Numbers 1-20 multiple choice game
Los números 1 a 20 Fling the Teacher
Los números a 100 Fling the Teacher
Numbers 20-30 Quizlet
Numbers 0-110 Quizlet


Core Vocab matching game

Clothes memory game


Christmas Multi-Choice Quiz
Flashcards - Spanish Christmas words
Find the pairs
Find the right match

Which match is wrong?
Spell the Christmas words


Saying hello and goodbye Memory game

Memory Game
Matching Activity
Teacher Invaders
Shoot the right colour!

Colours Quizlet











































fruta y legumbres Fruit and vegetables jigsaw puzzle (easy)
fruitveg - Fruit and vegetable jigsaw puzzle (harder)
Fruit - Memory Game
Vegetables - Memory Game
Fruit - Matching Game
Vegetables - Matching Game

Fruit - Crossword



"En mi estuche" Flashcards, matching game and wordsearch
"En mi estuche" Hangman

"En mi estuche" - Memory Game
"En mi estuche" - Matching Game
"En mi estuche" - Sentence Game
Flashcards and other activities for learning "En mi estuche" vocabulary

"En mi estuche" - Teacher Invaders (type the words)
"En mi estuche" - Crossword


Days of the week

Hangman - Enter the correct letters and save the teddy!
Match up the Days
Pairs, matching and a wordsearch
Click and drag or shoot the Day

Days - Quizlet


Months of the year

Match up the months
Memory game
Tetris -
type the correct month in English
Months - Quizlet



Telling the time - Quizlet