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1st year of Spanish:

Scheme of Work

Assessment sheets

Meeting and Greeting


Saying how you feel

Saying your age


School Supplies
(Nouns & Gender)

Food and Opinions


2nd year of Spanish:

Scheme of Work

Assessment sheets




Parts of the Body
and Description


3rd year of Spanish:

Scheme of Work





Numbers 31-1000

Telling the time

Yo soy músico

4th year of Spanish:

Scheme of Work

Places in town


The verb "to go"

Then and Now



KS1 Scheme of Work

Intercultural Understanding




Spanish sound files

Monolingual Dictionaries

Word mats




Opinions A5
(PDF 16 KB)


Practising opinions of sports
(MS PowerPoint 786 KB)

added 26.3.20

Practising juego and practico
(MS PowerPoint 959 KB)

added 26.3.20

Sports with juego and practico
(MS PowerPoint 549 KB)

added 21.2.19

Sports kit - secret descriptions
(MS PowerPoint 232 KB)

added 10.12.18

Sports kit adjectival agreement practice
(MS PowerPoint 1 MB)

added 10.12.18

Sports kit adjectival agreement multiple choice
(MS PowerPoint 309 KB)

added 10.12.18

Using the definite and indefinite articles with sporting equipment
(MS PowerPoint 486 KB)

Sports equipment
(MS PowerPoint 426 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 565 KB)

Playing and doing sport
(MS PowerPoint 942 KB)

Playing and doing sports - British sportspeople
(MS PowerPoint 377 KB)

updated 26.3.20

Sports and opinions
(MS PowerPoint 327 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 301 KB)

New sports
(MS PowerPoint 477 KB)

Spanish Olympic athlete reading texts
(MS PowerPoint 576 KB)

Spanish Olympic athlete equipment lists
(MS PowerPoint 618 KB)

Describing sports clothes
(MS PowerPoint 396 KB)

Games and puzzles

Clothes and adjectives Quiz Quiz Trade
(PDF 3.2 MB)

added 20.1.15

Human dominoes - sport equipment
(PDF 428 KB)

Human dominoes - sport equipment - check sheet
(MS Word 44 KB)

Blue numbers - articles and sports equipment
(MS Word 48 KB)

How to play Blue Numbers
(PDF 36 KB)

Sports articles square puzzle
(PDF 8 KB)

Sports articles square puzzle solution
(PDF 8 KB)

Sports articles puzzle on 1 sheet
(PDF 43 KB)

Sports articles extended square puzzle
(PDF 9 KB)

Sports articles extended square puzzle solution
(PDF 8 KB)

Sports articles extended square puzzle table
(PDF 9 KB)

Sports articles extended square puzzle on 1 sheet
(PDF 45 KB)

Los deportes fillword
(PDF 226 KB)

Los deportes crossword
(PDF 449 KB)


Definite and indefinite article cards
(PDF 40 KB)

added 31.8.18

Describing sports kit writing frame
(PDF 20 KB)

added 5.7.17

Describing sports equipment grid
(MS Word 90 KB)

added 5.7.17

Sports sentence word cards
(PDF 14 KB)

added 2.6.17

Sports sentences using pictograms
(PDF 706 KB)
added 2.6.17
For lower ability
(PDF 705 KB)

added 03.06.19

Sports equipment posters
(PDF 274 KB)

Sports equipment
(PDF 235 KB)

Sports match-up sheet
(PDF 903 KB)

Sports word list
(PDF 193 KB)

Design an Olympic strip
(PDF 232 KB)

Olympic strip description grid
(MS Word 75 KB)

Juego/Practico add spaces and solve anagrams
(PDF 30 KB)

Sports repetition activites
(PDF 784 KB)




Weather flashcards A5
(PDF 2.3 MB)

Compass points A4
(PDF 96 KB)


Weather phrases retrieval
(MS PowerPoint 1.2MB)

Weather phrases retrieval transcript
(PDF 247 KB)

added 31.1.20

Weather and time sentences
(MS PowerPoint 831 KB)

added 03.06.19

Random weather selector
(MS PowerPoint 2.2 MB)

added 10.12.18

Weather veo veo
(MS PowerPoint 192 KB)

added 25.6.17

Weather phrases
(MS PowerPoints 2.6 MB)

Points of the compass with weather
(MS PowerPoint 2.7 MB)

Latin weather words
(MS PowerPoint 291 KB)

added 1.9.14


Weather and compass puzzles
(PDF 992 KB)

added 21.1.18

5-in-a-row weather
(PDF 1.1 MB)

added 02.08.16

Weather phrases grid
(PDF 2.8 MB)

Weather in Spain and points of the compass
(PDF 1.8 MB)

Spanish regions weather table
(MS Word 64 KB)

Spanish regions - prediction
(PDF 447 KB)

Spanish regions - data handling using table
(PDF 190 KB)

Weather post-it grid
(PDF 3.1 MB)

Weather post-it grid 2
(PDF 3.1 MB)

Weather post-it grid 3
(PDF 3 MB)

How to use post-it grids


NUMBERS 31-1000


Numbers 30-100 in tens
(MS PowerPoint 435 KB)

Rounding to the nearest ten
(MS PowerPoint 441 KB)

Greater than, less than, equal to
(MS PowerPoint 461 KB)

Numbers for sequencing
(MS PowerPoint 447 KB)

30-100 Counting grid
(MS PowerPoint 443 KB)

30-99 number reveal
(MS PowerPoint 448 KB)

Buying sweets and getting change
(MS PowerPoint 642 KB)

Numbers to 1000
(MS PowerPoint 504 KB)

Years of birth
(MS PowerPoint 993 KB)

Numbers to 1000 gapfill
(MS PowerPoint 457 KB)

Practising big numbers
(MS PowerPoint 581 KB)

Games and puzzles

5 in a row - numbers to 64
(PDF 40 KB)

added 23.8.15

31-100 Dominoes
(PDF 8 KB)

31-100 Number and word cards
(PDF 20 KB)

Phone number follow-me activity
(PDF 933 KB)

Big numbers Jigsaw - do the jigsaw and follow the instructions on it
(PDF 1.5 MB)


Discovering numbers 31-100
(PDF 30 KB)

added 08.11.19

Numbers to 999 writing strip
(PDF 24 KB)

added 08.11.19

Writing numbers 31-99 writing strip
(PDF 27 KB)

added 20.09.19

Writing three- and four-figure numbers
(PDF 221 KB)
added 10.12.18

Numbers 31-99 listening activity
(PDF 24 KB)

added 19.09.16

0-100 list
(PDF 905 KB)

Dice throw writing activity
(PDF 199 KB)

30-100 list
(PDF 20 KB)

¿Cuánto cuesta? prices in Euros up to 100
(PDF 333 KB)

Compramos caramelos
(PDF 378 KB)

Numbers to 1000
(PDF 18 KB)

¿Cuándo nacieron?
(PDF 967 KB)

Distances between cities - data handling table
(PDF 56 KB)

Distances questions
(PDF 219 KB)

Accompanying PowerPoint for practice
(MS PowerPoint 1 MB)

100s cards
(PDF 16 KB)

Numbers to 1000 spiral
(PDF 148 KB)

Number cards
(PDF 36 KB)




Time match up
(MS PowerPoint 318 KB)

added 25.6.17

Telling the time red herring (2)
(MS PowerPoint 353 KB)

added 21.2.19

Telling the time red herring
(MS PowerPoint 352 KB)

added 25.6.17

Telling the time aide memoire
(MS PowerPoint 324 KB)

added 25.6.17

Make the shapes - on the hour
(MS PowerPoint 539 KB)

Make the shapes - half hours
(MS PowerPoint 396 KB)

Words for "Un dos tres ¿Qué hora es?"
(MS PowerPoint 692 KB)

The song on YouTube

Games and puzzles

Telling the time Tarsia puzzle
(PDF 52 KB)

Tarsia puzzle solution
(PDF 51 KB)

Tarsia puzzle grid - useful as a matching activity
(PDF 46 KB)


Time detectives
(PDF 27 KB)

Pupil personal learning profile - Time
(PDF 62 KB)

¿Qué hora es? - put the hands on the clocks
(PDF 27 KB)

¿Qué hora es? - write the times
(PDF 70 KB)

Telling the time - quarter hours
(PDF 39 KB)