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Triptico has been taking the MFL world by storm recently. Want to know more?
Alex Bellars
tells us all about it.

Triptico is a suite of web-based tools designed for use with an IWB by David Riley, a teacher from the North-East of England.

The app comprises a range of over 20 tools, ranging from timers to class selectors, from scoring devices to presentation and game formats. A brief guide to some of the features can be viewed here. David is adding resources to the app at regular intervals, and is very keen to collaborate with users of the tools in order to adapt and improve them. He is @David_Triptico on Twitter, and is well worth a follow! He also blogs regularly here with explanations of new tools, and suggestions on how to use them in creative ways.

More and more MFL teachers are turning to Triptico as a way to inject creativity, customisability and interactivity into the learning and teaching in their lessons. Once created, the resources (simple .txt documents) are easily shared between colleagues within departments but also from school to school.

The free app can be downloaded here. Alternatively, schools can install a network version (contact David directly here for further details.)

David has recently added an upgraded version – Triptico Plus – with added functionality, including the ability to save resources to the Triptico Cloud. This version costs £15, although again, special reductions are available for multiple or networked subscriptions. See here for further information.

Here are Alex's favourite tools:

Word Magnets Plus

Add your choice of text and images, as well as appropriate backgrounds (either from templates or your own pictures) and then move them around like fridge magnets. Great for working with vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Try Alex's Places in Town magnets

Circle Timer

Simple adjustable timer for adding a frisson to in-class activities. Includes authentic ticking sound for extra stress-inducement!



For those interested in the SOLO taxonomy, here's a tool for exploiting the noble hexagon. Want to know how deep your pupils' understanding goes? Try this.

Try Alex's Les endroits en ville Think/Link

Score Tapper

A great scoreboard tool, allowing for multiple teams and varied scores depending on the quality of the answers.


Find Ten

Insert 15 answers!! 10 correct and 5 incorrect. The pupils have to find the right ones. Another great tool for encouraging “thinking below the surface.

Try Alex's Régime Alimentaire activity

What's the Question?

Turn the usual paradigm on its head; supply the class with the answers, and they have to find appropriate questions.