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General resources:

World Cup teams: Hangman game

World Cup teams: Matching, Concentration & Wordsearch

World Cup facts: Battleships

This resource is available with the kind permission of Gemma Fordyce of Woodlands School in Basildon:
World Cup challenge booklet for tutor groups
(MS Word 1.86 MB)

Team shirts
(MS Publisher 1.7MB)

African countries wordsearch
(PDF 510 KB)

Which African country am I ?
(PDF 45 KB)

Mini-book 1
(PDF 120 KB)

Mini-book 2
(PDF 145 KB)

Mini-book 3
(PDF 111 KB)

Mini-book 4
(PDF 119 KB)

Mini-book 5
(PDF 87 KB)

Mini-book 6
(PDF 123 KB)

Mini-book 7
(PDF 130 KB)

Mini-book 8
(PDF 93 KB)

How to make your mini-book

World Cup Wordsearch
(PDF 47 KB)

The teams' flags
(MS Publisher 278 KB)

The teams' flags (outline versions)
(MS Publisher 766 KB)



Language resources

The teams in 5 languages
(MS Word 62 KB)

World Cup booklet - Spanish
(MS Word 2.1 MB)

Spanish World Cup bookmarks
(PDF 700 KB)

Spanish World Cup wordsearch
(PDF 43 KB)

Find the World Cup teams in Spanish
(PDF 27 KB)

Spanish World Cup counting
(PDF 59 KB)

Primary Spanish lesson 1 - discover the teams
(MS PowerPoint 565 KB)

Spanish team cards for sorting and labelling
(PDF 197 KB)

Teams list
(PDF 24 KB)

Primary Spanish lesson 2 - discover the flags
(MS PowerPoint 706 KB)

The meaning of flags
(PDF 33 KB)

French World Cup bookmarks
(PDF 407 KB)

French team names: Match the French and English

French teams: Matching, Concentration & Wordsearch

French World Cup wordsearch
(PDF 46 KB)

French team cards for sorting and labelling
(PDF 197 KB)

Find the World Cup teams in French
(PDF 27 KB)

French World Cup counting
(PDF 57 KB)

German World Cup wordsearch
(PDF 150 KB)

Writing a match report in German
(MS PowerPoint 244 KB)

Writing in the future - German
(MS PowerPoint 293 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 2007 222 KB)

These three resources have been kindly donated by Gill Maynard from the Anglo-European School in Ingatestone:
List of possible activities for MFL
(MS Word 99 KB)

World Cup booklet - French
(MS Word 2.2 MB)

World Cup booklet - German
(MS Word 2.2 MB)

These are the presentations which I gave at the Atlas event "Making the most of the World Cup" at the Stadium of Light on March 18th 2010.
You can find this video on YouTube

The World Cup in my classroom - Dominic McGladdery
(MS PowerPoint 334 KB)


Below is the presentation which I gave at the Atlas conference "Ready, set, go global !" on 7th July 2009 at St James Park.

Download the accompanying handout (PDF 265 KB)