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Write Away! is an exciting project from Light Bulb Languages.

It's a magazine celebrating the writing that primary children do in their language lessons.

We are now accepting submissions for issue 6.

The deadline for submissions is 23.59 on Friday 21st May 2021.

Please download and read the notes for submission and complete the documents.

Submitting children's work /
Terms and conditions
(PDF, 149 KB)

Privacy policy
(PDF, 176 KB)

Children's permission letter
(MS Word, 106 KB)

Teacher's permission letter
(MS Word, 106 KB)

Teacher contribution proforma
(MS Word, 91 KB)

Children author form
(MS Word, 93 KB)


Issue 5 (PDF 15.3 MB)

Issue 5 (to print) (PDF 15.2 MB)

Issue 5 (interactive)



Issue 4 (PDF 24 MB)

Issue 4 (to print) (PDF 25 MB)

Issue 4 (interactive)



Issue 3 (PDF 27.5 MB)

Issue 3 (to print) (PDF 27.5 MB)

Issue 3 (interactive)



Issue 2 (PDF 23 MB)

Issue 2 (to print) (PDF 22.5 MB)

Issue 2 (interactive)



Issue 1 (PDF 27 MB)

Issue 1 (to print) (PDF 26 MB)

Issue 1 on Flipsnack (interactive)