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Vocabulary list
parts of the body
Avoir to have
Vocabulary list illness

Saying it hurts Fling the Teacher
Parts of the body anagrams
Saying it hurts Dustbin Game

Parts of the body anagrams


Vocabulary list

Memory Game

Christmas in France Fling the Teacher

Fill the gaps



Adjectival agreement

Matching game
Bash the Word click on no.7527
Colours Quizlet
Colours StudyStack

Word Jumble
Matching game
Memory game


SUBJECT PRONOUNS I, you, he, she...
ETRE to be
AVOIR to have
S'APPELER to be called
POSSESSIVES my, your, his...

Prepositions Quizlet
Prepositions StudyStack
être - Quizlet
être - Studystack
être - Teacher Invaders
avoir - Quizlet
aller - Quizlet
faire - Quizlet

Possessive pronouns - Which group does each pronoun belong to?
Possessive pronouns - True or False?

Adjectival agreement Matching game
Adjectival agreement Tetris



Vocabulary list

être to be
avoir to have
s'appeler to be called

Ma famille matching game
Ma famille et mes copains matching games

Ma famille matching game



Jigword Matching game
Matchword Find the pairs
Days Quizlet
Days StudyStack

Speedword Type the days quickly!
Wordweb Spell the days
C'est quel jour? matching game
C'est quel jour? anagrams


Vocabulary list

Drinks wordsearch

Places to eat and food shops crossword

Food and drink role play practice


Hair and eyes Jigword
Hair and eyes Matchword find the pairs

Décris-toi hair and eyes memory game
Décris-toi Tetris for hair and eyes

Décris-toi encore hair, eyes and head memory game
Hair and eyes Speedword
Hair and eyes Jigword
Décris-toi Fling the Teacher


Dans la classe vocabulary

Dans la classe - Matching game (school equipment)
Dans la classe - Memory game (school equipment)
Dans la classe - Sentence game - find the right school equipment word

Les Matières Memory game, matching and wordsearch
Matières crossword

Fill in the gaps
Find the categories


Food vocabulary list
Places in town vocabulary list

"Keeping clean" vocabulary list

Core Vocab Fling the Teacher
Clothes Memory game
Core Vocab matching game
Question Words
click on no.7623

Places in town Battleships
Clothes Matching game
Unprepared Elements:Qu'est-ce que
Unprepared Elements:Personal Identification
Où est ?(Where is?)
School tic-tac-toe click on no.7610

Food and drink Type in the words
Hotels Multiple choice
Keeping clean ! Tetris
Unprepared Elements:Times
Unprepared Elements:Lost Property
Lost Property type the answers
click on no.7621
Illness: type the answers
click on no.7620
Shopping: type the answers
click on no.7611


1-20 jigword
1-20 speedword
memory game
1-20 Matching game
1-20 Memory game
1-10 Quizlet
1-10 StudyStack
11-20 Quizlet
11-20 StudyStack

memory game - Des calculs
1-20 Tetris - type in the number words
1-20 Sentence game - find the right number word


Quizlet - jobs in the house

Les Sports anagrams
Les Sports
Multiple choice
I do / play sports
Non-sporting hobbies Matching, concentration, wordsearch

Opinions of sports
Where? Who with? How often? Fling the Teacher

Hobbies Tetris


Where ? Compass points and prepositions Matching and concentration game
Days, months and seasons Matching and concentration game
En Ville (I) Memory game
En Ville (II)
En voiture
Memory game
A l'hôtel Memory game
Quel temps fait-il? Matching and concentration game
Les Animaux Matching game
Les Vacances country names shoot the correct answer
Les Vacances (II)
country names
shoot the correct answer
Où es-tu resté ?
holiday destinations
Matching game
Qu'est-ce que tu regardes à la télé ?
Teacher Invaders, type in the English translations
La Nature Teacher Invaders, type in the English translations
Les Bagages
Matching game


Greetings and saying your name Fling the teacher
Memory game
Matching game



Months Quizlet
Months StudyStack
Months - Memory game
Months - Matching game
Months - Matching game (listening)
Months - Tetris (listening)


Quizlet - jobs ending in -ien
Studystack - jobs ending in -ien and -ienne
Studystack - jobs ending in -eur


Quizlet - telling the time

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